GAMEDIRT – Ep. 17 “Why are Games Centered around Violence?”

What’s up everybody? In this week’s episode of GAMEDIRT, we talk games we’re playing, Oculus news, as well as some PS5 rumors, and more, and in our Boss Fight, we ask the question “Why are Games Centered around Violence?” Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to Share, Support, and Subscribe.

2 thoughts on “GAMEDIRT – Ep. 17 “Why are Games Centered around Violence?”

  • I think this is a good topic. It’s always interesting to hear different opinions about this. My take, first of all, is that 98.99% of why games are developed is to make money. And, approximately 95% (probably more) of game consumers are interested in playing games that involve some level of violence. So, simple math tells us why.
    I do believe that the biggest part of the desire for violence in games (and entertainment as a whole) is primal. Some of it is socially driven. I think a big part for me is the concept that I can do things in games that I cannot do in “real life”. And, it’s physically safe. I can’t actually hurt myself or anyone else. We get that adrenaline rush after taking down that boss; pulling off an awesome move; or using a new piece of gear and/or weapon (as Devin pointed out). These are all things most of us can’t do in real life…that’s why we love it. We want to emerse ourselves in it. Nine times out of 10…it’s usually something involving violence.
    As you guys pointed out, there really isn’t very many truly non-violent games to choose from. Which is mostly due to my point earlier about developers making money. It would be nice to see more games developed that don’t revolve so much around violence or committing acts of violence. I do hope they become more common. And, I hope they are fun.

    • I think this goes back to the idea that most STORIES are violent in some way. Conflict is critical to excitement, which, in turn, generates a compulsion to continue consuming that content. It’s a basic formula that applies to books and movies as well as games. Without conflict, or some level of violence, the story is boring.
      Great comment!

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